WILLIAM LET (is Harry)


"What would best inspire my love for the art of acting and my passion for psychology? Observing attentively has allowed me to find such inspirational models. They are players. its whilst watching a poker tournament that it hit me. The treasures of postures, of attitudes, of pretensions, all of which are masks in an surging list of emotional qualities. when we observe these individuals disconnected from reality, they are metamorphosed, they betray themselves, play with their postures , their clothes, their rivals’ characters. In a fraction of a second, they change from equanimity to exaltation when they win or lose. From such observations my attention was drawn towards other players, the bettors. Watching a horse race or being hypnotized by the ball of the roulette game in a casino: the foreheads frowning, eyes wide open , fingers covering their faces to reel in the blow of defeat, or pointing towards the sky in an explosion of joy I mingle the different layers of colours that translate the tension, the relaxation, the serenity of the players. The opposition between a gentle delicate touch and an energetic scratch anchors my subject in the heart of the situation > the power of light plunges the moment into a troubling intimacy and pierces the emotional book of characters. the framing, influenced by that of photography or cinema doesn’t hinder the macroscopic observation of the players > I zoom in on then as if I Wanted to penetrate their souls. in parallel, I offer a large layout permitting the players to indulge in the space necessary to stretch out their aura . this research is an analysis of the animal character of one’s being."

From: http://www.myspace.com/letenjeux

Official Website: http://www.williamlet.com

JO WEIL (is Thomas)


Jo Weil was born August 29, 1977 in Frankfurt, Germany. As soon as he realized that acting was his future, he enrolled in drama workshops and classes in order to prepare for his future in theatre and television.

Throughout 1998 through 2006, Jo studied in play workshops, Arturo Drama School and enrolled in private acting lessons for 2 years in Cologne.

While maintaining his drama studies, Jo was able to hone his craft with hands on experience. Beginning in 1998, Jo was able to support himself with his dream.

While a more intensive resume can be found at his official website (www. joweil. de), honorable mentions in television include Jo's first stint with "Verbotene Liebe" as "Oliver Sabel", a role that he would portray throughout 2002, leave - only to return and reprise, five years later.

From 2002 - 2004, Jo portrayed the character of Florian Lenz in the television series, "Medicopter 117". Jo's acting experience is also in the theatre, his latest being the role of "Enrico" in the 2007 production of "Entire Fellows" held in Dusseldorf.

2007-present - Jo can be seen as Oliver Sabel on "Verbotene Liebe".

All information on this site are taken from his official website, www.joweil.de

JO DYSON (is Samantha Brown)


Jo Dyson was born to teenage parents in East London. Her desire to act came from her dad telling her about a brilliant child actress in a film called The Exorcist ! Jo thought i can do that ! She kept her wanting to be an actress a secret. Until leaving school with no qualifications , and finding herself working in a factory, that  she took the steps  to follow her dreams. Jo trained at East 15 Acting School. Since leaving drama school Jo has left the profession on 2 occasions. Once to go and work abroad. The other to bring up her 4 children. Now her children are all natured and teenagers. Jo has been able to resume her career. She has worked in many Theatre Companies. Facilitating workshops for young offenders. More recently touring schools and facilitating workshops on the perils of Binge Drinking. The last 2 years have been filled with lots of independent films and viral films. Jo trained in Karate for 18 years. And trained with the English Karate Squad. For  the last 6 years Jo has coached and managed a boys football team. She has never played the game !  Only  stepped in when the teams manager was leaving. She saw it as a Role !